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Solar Power Plants

Why AKKON Solar Power Plants?

Clean, environmentally friendly solutions which make the difference in combination with optimal returns for the owner of the solar power plant – this is what we aim to achieve when we develop solutions for our customers.

Most investors and builders have different requirements for their investments in solar power plants, which must all be considered when developing individual solutions. For example, private investors ask for safe and reliable technologies, the banks primarily focus on established and strong suppliers and the local authorities are more interested in attractive solution with a positive impact on the environment. However, without the active support of all stakeholders such projects may hardly be realized. This defines a typical constellation, which AKKON considers already in the early project design stage.

Moreover, a qualified design and operating procedure must ensure a smooth integration of solar power plants into thenatural environment. Ground sealing must be reduced to the very minimum and maintenance cycles must have long intervals in order to achieve the best investment return for the stakeholders.