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Building integrated solutions

Why Building-integrated Solutions from AKKON?

Integrierte Lösungen von AKKON Integrierte Lösungen von AKKON Integrierte Lösungen von AKKON

A clean and environmentally sound PV solution along with attractive design may represent the perfect supplement for your building, whether it is a new construction or you plan a building refurbishment. Our solutions provide the possibility of upgrading classical building elements with a tailor-made PV solution.

AKKON AG takes advantage of the unique product features of the silicon thin film technology by developing a broad portfolio of really integrated solutions, such as complete roof covering systems including system adapted air ventilation and circulation, drainage and lightning protection.

AKKON AG reognizes the versatile application potential of transparent modules. For example, a method was found for obtaining special geometries like triangle shapes for being able to design a complete roof cover of rather difficult dimensions. Your advantage is a building structure with a very individual, attractive and representative design together with the benefit of power generation – even at non-favorable conditions like partial shading, diffuse light or non-optimal light conditions, or in very hot climatic zones.

We are constantly improving and developing new solutions which help us make our vision come true. Solutions, which are more than pure power generation devices. Solutions, which are well suited for office buildings, storage facilities, private homes as well as for the agriculture and the retail sector.

Fields of application

Selected fields of application for AKKON building-integrated solutions

• Many types of roof solutions for commercial buildings, private homes, airport or train station buildings or other public buildings

• Facade designs (inclusive wall ventilation and thermal barrier function)

• Winter gardens ( with use of semi-transparent modules in the roof section)

• Urban architecture (bridges, public walkways with transparent modules)