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AKKON AG Solar Power Plants

Performance and Reliability for a safe investment

Our solar power plants combine performance, reliability and an environmental friendly technology. Power is generated even at cloudy weather or partial shading conditions. Intense irradiation is no blocker – it enhances the yield. Never before the advantages of the technology has been applied in this consequent way.

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AKKON AG Integrated solutions

Where Appearance and Performance Make a Perfect Combination

We extend our portfolio of applications with a new trend setting design for buildings . Adapted geometries and transparent modules pave the way for new design alternatives. Power is generated even at non-favorable building exposures. Your building becomes a real eye-catcher, you are pro-active in energy saving and it pays off for you immediately

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AKKON AG Modules

Premium Quality, Fully Certified and Accepted from Banks

Whether you choose the well established crystalline technology or the non-toxic and nice looking, attractive silicon thin film modules – we focus on quality for our solutions. You can purchase modules as a single component here.

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AKKON AG Inverters

Product Excellence for a Smooth and Permanent Functionality

Inverters must do the DC / AC inversion with a minimum loss rate and they must reliably operate at various ambient conditions. For your safety and product performance we focus on high quality DIEHL AKO inverters. You can purchase inverters as a single component here.

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AKKON AG Latest news

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AKKON AG The TOTAL SOLUTION provider for photovoltaics

Optimum Yields for Operators, Investors and Our Environment

The sun is an enormous energy source, abundant and not limited. Their potential must be utilized much more in the future for being successful in the energy change policy.

We have the know-how for transforming building structures into power generators with smart photovoltaic solutions, for the optimum of power performance.

You provide the area – AKKON takes care of the total solution.

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