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Technology of the AKKON solutions

Innovative and Trendsetting

Technologie von AKKON Technologie von AKKON Technologie von AKKON

The design and the technology approach of AKKON clearly focuses on the relevant application range. Unlike many other component assemblers, AKKON creates solutions, which form a new level – a system unit. For our clients this means truly added value, which in turn provides a proven positive and high profitability of the system. Examples:

Gluing technique

Gluing technique: AKKON developed a method for directly gluing the modules onto a given substructure. This ensures a very reliable and durable fixation in compliance with the relevant European codes and rules in terms of snow and wind loads. This fixation method is also a perfect anti-theft solution. The potential replacement of damaged modules is ensured by a special removal method at any time.

Decentral inverters

Decentral inverters: For solar power plants AKKON optimized the usage of decentral inverters in the design phase. The client benefits from a very high plant uptime.

Tailor-made module dimensions

Tailor-made module dimensions: Especially for solar roofs AKKON developed special non-functional module shapes for an integral coverage and design of existing building structures, such as roofs and facades or other sun exposed building areas. We demonstrate that photovoltaic can be aesthetically and financially attractive.

Mounting technology

Mounting technology: Especially for high-capacity solar park projects AKKON developed a module mounting technology, which is highly efficient and can be quickly built, even in adverse weather conditions. The client benefits from an increased project planning security in terms of plant completion, which in return results in minimized investment risk levels.