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Our Mission

"Low carbon footprint"

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The sun provides solar energy at practically no costs, either in the form of heat (solar thermal) or light (photovoltaic), both of which should be used more intensively. Using solar power will allow us to cover 12% of the energy required in Europe by the year 2020. Worldwide solar energy can also provide a significant contribution to our energy needs.

We want to make a contribution to this shift of the paradigm and provide our clients with clean, economic and attractive solutions, for free field photovoltaic power plants as well as for building integrated solutions in a variety of different building types.

Our philosophy of using natural resources diligently drives our business. Our solutions reduce the impact of soil sealing in free field power plants to a minimum; mounting is accomplished using components that have a low CO2 balance, in addition we use as many local resources as possible to minimize transportation.

The principle of minimizing required resources does only make sense across the complete value added chain. As a result we look for components that are non-hazardous and fully recyclable, and are manufactured using high environmental safety standards. Last but not the least, all of our components are carefully attuned to each other to ensure optimum returns for the operator, the investor, and our environment.

In parallel, we support the planting of forests for CO2 absorption and to improve our CO2 balance.